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Hi! I’m Carol!! I’m married, mother of a little bearded and little mustachioed and completely passioned for animals. Most of all, I can understand more pets then humans, LOL.
I was raised by my grandparents and my grandpa used to be a family doctor and always said to me to study medicine. I was 4 when I won a stethoscope and I kept saying to everyone that I wanted to be an animal doctor.
I did 3 years of vet school, but I’m graduate as a Graphic Design at 2003 where I could know photography better, felt in love and mixed together my both passion at my work, showing the pet’s life as a creative way with a lot of love.
Every shoot my eyes sparkles with passion, sometimes gets full of happiness tears.  Sniffs and licks on my lenses (and my mouth), pees on my shoes or on my purse, bruises on my legs because my model is usually so excited and jumps at me and I LOVE it!!

Shooting your pet’s family at the everyday moments with all the love there is between you makes me really happy.

The relationship between animal and human is the purest love and I want that you keep these moments forever.
Wanna talk to me? Please, feel free to send me a message.



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